Inaugural Post

"Write a blog!", they said. "It'll be great!" So here it is, my inaugural post. This would be a good time to educate readers about my perspective, my biases. Our past experiences need not define us, but probably shape who we are, who we become.

I want to preface my remarks with the following statement: I have met some bad people in this industry, liars and crooks alike. And too often the good folks in this business get painted with that broad brush. So I must point out that there are some wonderful people in this business; people who are honest and advocate strongly for their clients. People who protect their clients. People who do the right thing even when no one else is looking. The best people.

This blog will attempt to strike a balance. I want to warn readers about the bad people, the bad firms and the products they peddle. I also want to recognize those who fight the good fight. My goal is to, through humor at times, educate investors based upon my experience in this industry. It's a worthy calling, a Sacred Trust as my mentor, Dan Wheeler calls it.

I have traded and sold many different types of securities; I have pitched and closed little old ladies with $50,000 as well as $300 million pension plans, and everything in between. I have had $0 assets under management and over $8 billion; zero employees and over 100; I have been broke and I have been well-off. I am a very lucky man. So here we go...