Rule #5 - 10 Rules for Being a Successful Investor

Here’s a good way to find out if your advisor is worth the fees you are paying. Do you consult them when making any significant financial decision or are they just there to sell you investments? A financial advisor that adds value to your life is there to answer your questions and give advice about all matters financial. Certainly, they can’t be expected to have all the answers or expertise in every topic, but they are in a better position than you to get the answers you need and get them right.

If your advisor says they manage money for you and that’s all, you may want to start looking for a new advisor. You want someone that practices financial planning, manages money by outsourcing to professionals, and provides advice on all those financial issues that make you a bit nervous or uncertain. In fact, we believe that the benefits you receive from the counsel of a good advisor will far outweigh the benefits of the investments they make on your behalf. The investments are only part of the equation for a successful advisory relationship.